VIDEO: NSW election candidate Oscar Grenfell interviewed on SEP (Australia) fight against war

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) of Australia is standing in the upcoming March 25 New South Wales state election. The SEP is standing in order to advance the independent interests of the working class, taking forward the fight against war, austerity and “let it rip” COVID policies supported by every other party.

WSWS correspondents Oscar Grenfell and Mike Head make up the SEP’s slate in the statewide upper house. The SEP is also running assistant national secretary Max Boddy in the lower-house Sydney working-class seat of Bankstown. The state’s anti-democratic electoral laws mean the party’s name will not appear on the ballot.

In this video, Oscar Grenfell explains the danger posed by the ongoing US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine, as well as US-led preparations for war against China in this region, which threaten nuclear Armageddon.

Behind the backs of the population, Grenfell adds, Australia is being placed on the front lines of a potentially catastrophic conflict between nuclear-armed powers. This pro-war program is being supported by all the major parties, including Labor, Liberal-National Coalition and the Greens.

Grenfell underscores that the major issues confronting workers, including the danger of war, are being hidden and covered over in the NSW election campaigns. He advances the internationalist, socialist revolutionary perspective, based on the working class, that is required to end war and the capitalist system that is the cause of conflict.

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Authorised by Cheryl Crisp for the Socialist Equality Party, Suite 906, 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.