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University of Michigan cancels student referendum on genocide in Gaza

Several hundred University of Michigan students marched and rallied in the rain on Friday to denounce the U-M administration’s arbitrary cancellation on Thursday of a student referendum vote on a resolution urging the university to acknowledge the genocidal character of Israel’s war in Gaza and divest from companies profiting from the slaughter.

Judy Ryden, Barry Grey

Visit by Vietnamese president forges closer ties with Japan

As the US has stepped up its military build-up against China, Tokyo has engaged in its own remilitarisation and joined Washington’s diplomatic efforts to consolidate an anti-China bloc throughout the region.

Peter Symonds

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

Sri Lankan public sector workers demand higher living allowances; India: Maharashtra contract health workers’ strike enters sixth week; Australia: Queensland water utility workers strike for higher wage; New Zealand nurses begin new campaign for better pay and conditions.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

One-day general strike in Czech Republic in opposition to austerity across public and private sectors including teachers, doctors and car workers; walkout at Iranian University as students without hijab targeted amid further strikes and protests over pay and social conditions; maritime workers in Nigeria ready to walkout in solidarity with truckers at the ports suffering harassment and extortion

Walkout to protest Gaza genocide at London universities UCL and SOAS

An organiser of the protest explained that “A lot of the students who are affected by this are international students and we’ve heard of instances where international students, especially from the Arab world who are involved in these types of events, are threatened with their visas being taken away.”

Our reporters

Israeli military kills two children in West Bank raid on last day of Gaza truce

The continuation of daily raids on the West Bank during the six-day truce in the bombardment of Gaza underscores the commitment of the Israeli regime to a policy of genocide against the Palestinian people, for which it enjoys the support of the imperialist powers in North America and Europe.

Jordan Shilton

Bernie Sanders: The left face of genocide

With the death toll in Gaza exceeding 15,000 and the horror of Israel’s war of annihilation made even more clear by on-the-spot reports during the bombing lull, and worldwide protests against the genocide continuing unabated, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking to present himself as an evenhanded advocate for both the Israeli state and the Palestinians.

Barry Grey

The plight of Thai workers in Israel

Tens of thousands of highly exploited Thai agricultural workers remain in Israel as the Netanyahu government has intensified its genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza.

Robert Campion

US invests in Colombo Port, deepening tensions with China

US involvement in the project is in line with its geo-strategic moves to undermine Beijing’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region and its preparations for war against China.

Rohantha De Silva, Vilani Peiris

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Teachers in Uruguay conducted a 24-hour protest strike against cuts while 1,000 Winnipeg, Manitoba transit workers again voted down a sellout deal pushed by their union.

New board of directors restores Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI

One week after he was fired, Altman was restored as CEO of the leading artificial intelligence technology company as a result of a staff revolt, combined with the intervention of Microsoft Corporation and other powerful sections of the ruling class.

Kevin Reed

New surge of COVID-19 in Australia

What has been established in place of a coordinated public health response is a policy of mass infection and death, as the continued circulation of a deadly virus is treated as a non-event.

Clare Bruderlin

Vast scale of Gaza genocide comes into view

Three days into the first letup in Israel’s two-month-long bombardment of Gaza, film crews have begun to document the evidence left behind by the deliberate mass murder of Gaza’s civilian population in what is the world’s largest crime scene.

Andre Damon
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