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Berlin police open criminal investigation aimed at silencing Roger Waters

The State Security Department at the Berlin State Criminal Police Office has announced that a criminal investigation has been initiated against Roger Waters for “incitement of hatred” for dressing in a Nazi-like uniform during his recent concerts in the capital city of Germany.

Kevin Reed

Attendees at Sydney protest defending Assange speak out

“We need people like Julian, so we know what’s really going on in the world. Biden is trying to get a US journalist out of Russia, and he said, ‘Journalism is not a crime,’ so why hasn’t Julian been released?”

Our reporters

Lawsuit exposes horrific conditions in Washington D.C. jail

The conditions that impact the United States’ most poor and vulnerable in the country’s capital are a clear exposure of the government’s rank hypocrisy about “human rights” and “democracy.”

Bill Mertz, Nick Barrickman

Workers Party imposes austerity in Brazil

Lula has seen a 13 percent drop in his approval rating as his government deepens austerity policies designed to guarantee profits and foreign debt payments.

Eduardo Parati

Navalny: Imperialism’s right-winger in Moscow

The documentary’s only contribution, no doubt unintentional on the part of its producers, is to reveal Navalny as a well-to-do crude dimwit; a right-wing man with neither ideas nor principles but eager to do business with anyone.

Andrea Peters

Syriza’s rout in the Greek general election

The role of Syriza in Greece is a strategic experience for the international working class, demonstrating the bankruptcy of claims made by pseudo-left tendencies around the world that meaningful change can be made by voting their pro-capitalist parties into government.

Robert Stevens

The rebellion at Clarios and the way forward

Striking autoworkers at the Clarios battery plant in Ohio have rejected a second UAW-backed contract by more than 75 percent. They require the support of the entire working class to carry forward the struggle.

Joseph Kishore

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Teachers in Buenos Aires carried out a 48-hour strike last week to repudiate a sellout agreement by their union while workers at San Diego Metropolitan Transit System walked out for four days last week over contract issues.

Surge of COVID across Canada as hospitals drop mask mandates

The resurgence of COVID is above all due to the “Forever Covid” mass infection policy of governments at the provincial and federal levels, mirroring their counterparts internationally. The Trudeau Liberal government has spearheaded this policy.

Dylan Lubao
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