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US sends long-range missiles to Ukraine

The White House announced Friday that it would send long-range missiles to Ukraine capable of striking nearly 100 miles into Russian territory.

Andre Damon

The specter of socialism haunts US Congress

Last week the US Congress spent three days denouncing socialism and pledging to reverse all the social gains made by the working class on a global scale in the century since the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Eric London

The lessons of the rail struggle of 2022

As far as management is concerned, the “contract” is only binding on us workers. They feel emboldened because they know they have not only Congress on their side, but the union apparatus.

The Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee

US issues ludicrous “spy balloon” charge against China

The hysteria over the balloon points to the increasingly strident war propaganda emanating from Washington against China, as well as the potential for such a minor incident to be inflated to trigger a military conflict.

Mike Head

Musician Steve Van Zandt propagandizes for imperialist war

Van Zandt’s reactionary, bloodthirsty comments would have no significance whatsoever—they would simply be more pro-war propaganda from the wealthy upper middle class in America—were it not for his celebrity and his musical history.

James McDonald

Workers Struggles: Asia and Australia

India: Tamil Nadu rural sanitation and water delivery workers demand wage rise; Pakistan: Railway workers protest delays in wage payments; Australia: Nurses and midwives at major Sydney private hospitals walk out over staffing and pay

Ukraine cracks down on military “deserters”

The crackdown within the Ukrainian military on soldiers is a reflection of anxiety within the leadership that they will have insufficient cannon fodder as the war escalates.

Jason Melanovski

Striking teachers detail crisis facing UK education

Members of the Educators Rank-and-File Committee and the Socialist Equality Party visited picket lines and held intensive discussions with striking teachers during Wednesday’s walkout.

our reporters

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Striking Scottish teachers join rail workers, civil servants, university lecturers and fellow educators in coordinated national strike across UK, as further NHS strikes planned; teachers’ strikes continue in Hungary and Portugal over pay, staff shortages and minimum service levels.

New Zealand pseudo-left group glorifies former PM Jacinda Ardern

The ISO hails Ardern as an “inspirational” leader who deserves “solidarity” against “misogynist” attacks, while whitewashing her Labour government’s assault on the working class and participation in imperialist wars.

Tom Peters

Democrats use Tyre Nichols’ funeral to push token police “reform”

While family and friends reflected warmly and consciously on the life of Nichols, and all victims of police violence, Democratic Party politicians and operatives sowed racial divisions and sought to channel mass anger at unending police murder towards legislative “reform.”

Jacob Crosse

McCarthy, Biden meet over debt ceiling crisis

The main concern of both capitalist parties is the impact of any breach in the debt ceiling on the stock markets and the financial interests of the billionaires.

Patrick Martin

Stop the censorship of anti-war videos on TikTok!

On Monday, TikTok deleted a viral anti-war video by the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (SGP, the German section of the Fourth International) that had received over over 150,000 views.

Jan Ritter, Christoph Vandreier

German Social Democrats grasp at world power

The SPD-led German government is aggressively stepping up its war policy. The SPD strategy paper “Social Democratic Responses to a World in Transition” asserts a leading role for Germany in Europe and the world.

Johannes Stern

Half a million UK workers strike

The strikes were called to coincide with the passage through Parliament by the Conservative government of new anti-strike legislation, representing the greatest threat to workers’ democratic rights ever mounted.

Robert Stevens

Top US general predicts war with China by 2025

While his internal memo starkly sets out Washington’s agenda for war, Air Force General Michael Minihan is not an isolated maverick within the US military.

Peter Symonds

UK: A socialist strategy to defeat the anti-strike laws

The trade unions have not organised a single day of strike action against the greatest threat to workers’ democratic rights ever mounted, urging workers to rely instead on a future Starmer-led Labour government.

Socialist Equality Party (Britain)

Race, class and the police killing of Tyre Nichols

In the aftermath of the release of the video showing the horrendous beating of Tyre Nichols by at least five black Memphis cops, the American media and Democratic political establishment have contorted themselves trying to present the killing as an expression of “systemic racism” in order to mystify the class character of police violence and divide the working class.

Jacob Crosse, Joseph Kishore

Unprecedented flooding in Auckland, New Zealand

Four people have died in the ongoing floods and there is widespread anger over the failure of the Auckland Council to provide sufficient early warnings and other assistance to residents.

Tom Peters

Concern and anger in China over ending of zero-COVID policy

Comments on social media in China after the government’s sudden lifting of COVID restrictions leading to rapidly escalating infections and deaths indicate the widespread concern and hostility among working people to the change.

Lily Zhou
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