Globalization and the International Working Class: A Marxist Assessment

Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International

Mehring Books is pleased to announce the publication of Globalization and the International Working Class: A Marxist Assessment. This volume is a comprehensive reply to the Spartacist League and other so-called left and radical groups which claim that the global integration of capitalist production is simply a myth invented by the bourgeoisie.

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The statement not only answers, but exposes the class basis of Spartacist’s claims that the technical revolution in computers, communications and transportation over the last 20 years has not fundamentally changed the structure of world capitalism. According to Spartacist, the economic and political power of the nation-state remains undiminished. On this basis, it maintains that organizations based on a national perspective, including the trade unions and the national movements, provide the only viable perspective for the working class.

The International Committee’s statement painstakingly evaluates the bitter historical experiences of the working class with the trade unions and national liberation movements and with Stalinism as practiced in the former Soviet Union and China. It also relates the nationalist perspective of the Spartacist League to the group’s origins in the 1960s and its subsequent political evolution.

In the form of a polemic, Globalization and the International Working Class: A Marxist Assessment provides a detailed Marxist analysis of the significance and the profoundly revolutionary implications of globalized production. It defines the essential programmatic and political tasks facing the international working class.

ISBN 1 875639 27 6, 168 pages

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