Video: A socialist program to eliminate COVID-19. Become an electoral member of the SEP today

In this short video Socialist Equality Party Assistant National Secretary Max Boddy explains the party’s campaign to defeat Australia’s anti-democratic electoral laws, which were rushed through parliament on August 26.

The laws impact on 36 registered political parties, including the SEP, which have to submit a list of 1,500 members, treble the previous number, by December 2. If they fail to do so they face deregistration and will not have their party name on ballot papers during elections.

The SEP is holding a public meeting on Sunday, October 31 at 1 p.m. (AEDT) to discuss and explain the case for the elimination of COVID-19 internationally. The meeting will establish a connection between the new electoral laws and Australian governments’ criminal reopening policies. Click here to register.

The SEP urges all supporters and readers to become electoral members of the party today, join its campaign to retain registration and defeat the government’s anti-democratic attack.