More workers and scientists support Australian physician and Zero-COVID advocate Dr. David Berger

The WSWS is publishing a series of articles with statements of support for Dr. Berger, which readers can send via email here. Please indicate in the email how you would like to be identified in our next article, and if you want to include a photo please attach one to the email.

Since the publication of our first article on the attempts by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to censor Australian physician and Zero-COVID advocate Dr. David Berger, the World Socialist Web Site has received numerous statements of support for Dr. Berger. We published an initial article compiling these statements on Saturday and will continue publishing statements throughout this week. Both articles have been read by many thousands of people throughout the world.

The Socialist Equality Party (Australia) designed these graphics with some of the initial statements of support, which we encourage our readers to share widely on social media:

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Many of Dr. Berger’s followers on Twitter have publicly stated their support while sharing the material from the WSWS. Dr. Katja Adolf, a Molecular Biologist in Denmark, tweeted:

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Dr. Christine Peters, a Consultant Clinical Microbiologist from the United Kingdom, wrote:

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Also in the UK, Dr. David Tomlinson, a consistent advocate on the dangers of airborne transmission of the coronavirus, tweeted:

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Tens of thousands of scientists, workers and anti-COVID activists from throughout the world have come to rely on Dr. Berger’s sound advice on how to stay safe during the pandemic, his clarification of the fundamental issues around airborne transmission, and his consistent advocacy for a Zero-COVID elimination strategy to stop the pandemic. Many wrote to the WSWS to share the impact that his advocacy has had on them.

Mary Kerr, a hospital administration worker from northern New South Wales in Australia, wrote:

I am furious with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for sanctioning Dr David Berger.

I have been following Dr Berger on Twitter for the past several months and have been made aware about many dangers posed by COVID as a result. In addition to the WSWS’ Global Workers Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is providing evidence by health professionals, engineers and scientists, which I have also been following keenly, Dr Berger’s educative role has been invaluable at a time when misinformation is rife on corporate and government funded media platforms.

If it wasn’t for Dr Berger many people would be unaware of the measures governments and other so called “medical experts” have taken to fool us into believing COVID is “mild” and that we should “live with it.”

I can see that governments are doing to Dr Berger what they are doing to Julian Assange. That is they are persecuting a Truth Teller and allowing the liars, and criminals to go free, while thousands die for the profits of a handful of capitalists and billionaires.

I would like to add my condemnation of this outrageous attack on Dr Berger’s democratic right to speak out against medical malpractice and government attempts at social murder. Thank you WSWS for being the only media, political party, to take up this fight.

Mary Kerr

Dr. Andrew Ewing, Professor of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and a member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, wrote to the WSWS, “I am shocked to see a doctor being harassed by a government body in a democracy for speaking the truth and presenting the correct science. Dr. David Berger’s messaging has been accurate on the science and very helpful to many, especially trying to get the message out concerning the airborne nature of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.”

Dr. Andrew Ewing

Dr. Rodrigo Quiroga, an Argentinean researcher with a Ph.D. in molecular biology who has done significant work on bioinformatics and computational modelling of COVID-19 spread, told the WSWS, “I would like to wholeheartedly support Dr. David Berger, who has contributed to spreading solid scientific data regarding the pandemic, specially with regard to sound public health principles that have often been ignored in most western countries.”

Peter Frederick of Kedron in Queensland, Australia, wrote to the WSWS:

Dr. Berger is being persecuted for speaking out against COVID minimalists and those that deliberately or unknowingly ignore the science that COVID is airborne and we must do all we can to stop this causing long term health problems for society.

I have been following Dr. Berger on Twitter and he has continually posted information that has helped our family fight against COVID. He has shared the science from others around the world, in a vacuum from our own health authorities that have more recently ignored the science and let COVID run rampant though society.

AHPRA needs to look at the benefits that Dr. Berger’s posts have made to so many people. It far outweighs the whining of a nameless critic.

I am not a doctor, but I trust the post of doctors and scientists that Dr. Berger posts and comments on. He should not be silenced for speaking up against those that ignore the science. I believe in the science and the belief that we need more people telling us the truth.

Maybe AHPRA should be looking more closely at those that actually post untruths that are dangerous to us all and that is NOT Dr. David Berger.

Dr. Denise Kent, a retired General Practitioner who worked for over 30 years in the Lake Macquarie region of New South Wales, wrote, “Dr. David Berger has been a sensible voice during the COVID pandemic which continues to devastate Australia. 10,000 deaths and counting. As a retired GP I really appreciate an ethical voice. Unlike some of his politicised colleagues who speak, not from their thinking, rational brain but from some automated, robotic area which circumvents reason and demands bowing down to their capitalist masters. CRAZY. Wear a bloody mask. Clean the bloody air. Oh and get vaccinated. Its not difficult.”

Janette Tyrrell, a psychiatrist from Dublin, Ireland, wrote the following:

Australia and New Zealand have been exemplars previously and that is why it is so disappointing to see Dr. David Berger being silenced in this manner. We need active dissent and free speech in order to have discussion. Yes, the vaccines are excellent in decreasing severe illness. But they do not stop transmission and there is going to be a significant burden of chronic ill health from Long COVID in all countries that have let it rip. My new policy is to follow on Twitter anyone that advocates for a healthier safer environment, so Dr. David Berger has a new follower today. Long may he continue to advocate. It takes great courage to not follow the herd.

Steve Light, a retired teacher in New York City, wrote:

COVID and attacks on anti-COVID activists are an international problem. Here in New York City Mayor Eric Adams phased out the COVID-19 alert system just as the cases of the latest BA.5 wave have reached high levels in all five boroughs of the city, while the citizenry was lulled into complacency to go maskless. As a retired teacher, I fear the school system has been set up to be a vector for a greater COVID disaster in the fall months. Attacks against Dr. David Berger must not only cease but his message for a Zero-COVID strategy must be internationally implemented, with the working class mobilizing to see to that. Thank you to the World Socialist Web Site for carrying on this campaign.

The WSWS calls on all scientists, health care workers, health practitioners and workers in every industry across the globe to support Dr. Berger against censorship by the Australian authorities and the onerous attack on him and his livelihood. Demand that these disciplinary actions be withdrawn. Send us your statements of support for Dr. Berger and we will publish them in the coming days.