Watch SEP online memorial meeting: A Tribute to Regina Lohr – Australian Trotskyist

We are posting below the full video of the Socialist Equality Party’s online memorial meeting on November 5, paying tribute to the life of Regina Lohr, a member of the Trotskyist movement for 33 years. She passed away on October 10, following a four-year battle with breast cancer.

The meeting features speakers and written tributes from around the world including SEP (Australia) National Secretary Cheryl Crisp, Michael Coggins and Warwick Dove, as well as Joanne Laurier from the SEP in the United States and Andy Niklaus, a member of the SEP German section.

In their powerful contributions all the speakers characterised Regina’s life as one of a revolutionary fighter. She was won to the movement in 1990 in a period of immense confusion of the working class internationally, due to the decision of the Stalinist bureaucracy to dissolve the USSR and restore capitalist property relations. Regina responded to the analysis of the International Committee of the Fourth International that this did not signal the “end of history” or of socialism.

As her obituary, published on the World Socialist Web Site in October said:

“Once she understood that, in fact, it was the end of nationalist-based programs and organisations and that only a perspective of socialist internationalism could answer the growing crisis confronting the working class, she never wavered.”

We encourage all our readers to watch and share this video because, as Cheryl Crisp said in her moving tribute, “Every life is worthy of reflection and tribute. The life of a revolutionary, however, is especially important because it is a life consciously lived—on the basis of ideals and conceptions and goals which transcend the individual.”