ONLINE MEETING SUNDAY: The “No” vote at UPS and the next stage of the battle against the Teamsters bureaucracy

The UPS Workers Rank-and-File Committee is holding its third public meeting this Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time to discuss the next steps in the final stretch of the contract vote and beyond. Register for the event by clicking here.

With less than a week to go in the vote, it is clear that workers are furious over the tentative agreement at UPS which falls short of their demands even as the company makes record profits. The Teamsters bureaucrats are nervous. They have launched an all-out propaganda blitz to try to wear down workers and ram the deal through.

The bureaucracy is trying to intimidate workers by telling them they are powerless to get anything better. That is a lie, and they know it. The battle at UPS is part of a major working class upsurge. A rejection would put UPS workers on course to link up with 150,000 autoworkers, whose contracts expire next month. That’s just what the apparatus is afraid of.

A “No” vote is necessary, but no matter what happens, to leverage their power, UPS workers have to finally settle their score with the union bureaucracy, which has sold them out for decades, to throw it out and return power to the Teamsters membership where it belongs.

Sunday’s meeting will be devoted to a discussion of the strategy and organization of this fight. We urge all UPS workers and their allies and supporters in other industries to attend. The meeting will allow ample time for discussion and questions from the floor.