Dr Zewlan Moor addresses SEP (Australia) public meetings against Gaza genocide

The Socialist Equality Party invited Dr Zewlan Moor to address last week’s “How to stop the genocide in Gaza” public meetings in Sydney and Brisbane, where she spoke about the ongoing doxxing and victimisation of medical practitioners who have opposed Israel’s onslaught against the Palestinian people.

Dr Moor is a Queensland general practitioner and children’s book author. She, like many others, has taken a principled stand in defence of health workers and the fight of the Palestinian people against Israel’s murderous ethnic-cleansing operation in Gaza.

As a result, she has been targeted by pro-Zionist forces, who have falsely accused her of antisemitism. At least 40 health workers have been subjected to bogus complaints by these genocide supporters to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), which potentially threatens their career and ability to work.

The Zionist witch-hunt campaign that has been launched against all opponents of the genocide has been spearheaded in Australia by the Labor government. While the anti-doxxing laws Dr Moor refers to are yet to be passed in Australia, the speed with which Albanese and the corporate media responded to the claims of Zionists being targeted highlights their complete support for Israel’s barbarism.

Dr Moor’s pre-recorded video contribution to the Sydney meeting is available below.