SGP European election candidate on the Bavaria flood disaster: “The fight against climate change, war and social misery is an international task”

This video statement was made by Thomas Schrödl, European election candidate of the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Socialist Equality Party), on the flood disaster in Bavaria. We are also publishing it here in written form.

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My name is Thomas Schrödl.

I am a Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei candidate for the European elections on 9 June.

I am here in Munich, standing behind the Maximilian Bridge. After two days of continuous rain on Friday and Saturday, the river Isar behind me is still dangerously high. The water level is expected to rise again in the next few days.

The Munich fire brigade is in constant action: cellars are full of water, subways have been flooded and groundwater is pushing into houses.

The situation in Bavaria along the Danube is even more dramatic. Two firefighters have already lost their lives. One woman was found dead in her flooded cellar.

The fire brigade had to abandon the town of Reichertshofen to the waters. Flood waves are possible in Regensburg. In the districts of Günzburg, Dillingen and Augsburg, the power went out at times.

Meanwhile, the federal and state governments are shedding hypocritical crocodile tears. Instead of investing in civil defence measures, health and social welfare, the ruling class is investing huge amounts of money in war and armaments.

The catastrophic consequences of this became clear as early as 2021 during the flood in the Ahr valley. The fatal mismanagement of the Rhineland-Palatinate government caused 135 deaths.

The NATO proxy war in Ukraine against Russia is set to escalate massively. Now, direct intervention by NATO is being prepared. In addition, Russia is to be attacked from Ukraine with weapons supplied by the NATO states. The danger of a nuclear war is constantly increasing.

At the same time, Germany is also supporting the genocide in Gaza by supplying weapons to Israel.

Natural disasters are becoming more frequent this year: the floods in Bavaria, forest fires in Canada and floods in southern Brazil. The root of climate change lies in the capitalist system. Profits take precedence over human lives and the preservation of nature.

Vote for the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei on June 9!

The fight against climate change, war and social misery is an international task. Capitalism and the outdated nation-state system must be abolished.

It is necessary to unite the international working class based on a socialist programme.