Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International
How the WRP Betrayed Trotskyism

The Aftermath of the Congress

The Fourth Congress opened the floodgates for a wave of opportunism unprecedented in the history of the Fourth International. A few weeks after the Congress, a WRP delegation which included Healy, Mitchell and Vanessa Redgrave flew off to the Gulf States for a money-raising jamboree of a politically-depraved character.

Notwithstanding the Congress Resolution’s denunciation of the Gulf States, Healy hob-nobbed with the feudalists and big bourgeois of Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. The political flavor of the trip was indicated in the following notation made by Healy about his stay in Kuwait (We quote from a document written and signed by Healy, dated April 14, 1979, summarizing the results of the trip. It was discovered by the International Control Commission in November 1985.): “We worked closely with the Palestine Liberation Organization, although they were not required to assist us with funds since in the opinion of the delegation this was mainly a matter for Kuwaitis and their friends among the rich Palestinians.”

Healy’s collaboration with these reactionary forces was graphically illustrated in one incident described in his report:

“On March 31st an invitation was made to the delegation to meet at dinner with a group of left-oppositionists led by the SULTAN family. The object of this meeting was expressed to Vanessa Redgrave by NAJJAT SULTAN as an invitation to explain the real reasons for your visit to Kuwait.’ The delegation declined to accept this invitation as we did not wish to intervene in the political matters in Kuwait.”

Having steered clear of the radical trouble-makers, Healy was able to report that large sums of money were raised “from leading Kuwaitis including generous cheques from the Crown Prince, the Governor of Ahmadi” and other leading feudalists.