The ICFI Defends Trotskyism

Resolution of the 8th Congress of the Workers Revolutionary Party (Slaughter-Banda)

February 8, 1986

This 8th Congress of the Workers Revolutionary Party declares that the International Committee of the Fourth International does not represent the continuity of the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938. Failing to analyse and correct the degeneration and betrayals which it carried out under the leadership of Healy, it has now organised an anti-communist opposition and split against the Workers Revolutionary Party, because of the Workers Revolutionary Party’s principled struggle against Healyism. This Congress rejects completely the special international conference called by the International Committee to expel the Workers Revolutionary Party, and instructs the central committee to begin work immediately to regroup all those in the International Committee sections who are fighting to defeat Healyism and against the actions of D. North and the International Committee majority. The public discussion of problems of the Fourth International will continue and this party will work for an international pre-conference of all those who stand on the Permanent Revolution, The Transitional Programme, the first four Congresses of the Communist International, before the end of 1986.