2007 SEP Summer School: The Left Opposition and the Founding of the Fourth International

These lectures were delivered at the Socialist Equality Party (US) Summer School held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2007.

They address critical political and historical issues related to the struggle by the Left Opposition, founded by Leon Trotsky in 1923, against the nationalist policies of the Stalinist bureaucracy and its usurpation of political power inside the Soviet Union and the Communist International.

These include Trotsky’s struggle against Stalin’s disastrous policies on the 1926 British General Strike, the 1925-1927 Chinese Revolution and on economic policy inside the Soviet Union itself. Lectures by Peter Daniels and Bill Van Auken address Trotsky’s monumental work, Revolution Betrayed, which explained the material basis of the growth of the counterrevolutionary Stalinist bureaucracy, and his fight to found a new Fourth International, including in opposition to centrist forces who declared that its founding was premature.

Members of the Left Opposition in 1927