Genuine socialism will triumph in Ukraine

The following speech was given by Maxim Goldarb, head of the Union of Left Forces — For a New Socialism party, at the International May Day 2024 Online Rally, held Saturday, May 4.

International May Day 2024 Online Rally

I want to salute everyone who is watching this video in celebrating this Day of Workers’ Solidarity. I urge you to keep your heads up. Everything will work out.

The Left Movement of Ukraine, which I am leading today, is in a very difficult situation. It has been banned by the Ukrainian nationalist, oligarchic regime ruling our country since 2014.

All leftist, socialist, and communist parties are banned. Their activists and leaders are either in forced emigration, or in prison. Some have been murdered.

These are today’s realities in our country. And this is on the legislative level.
That is, in accordance with current Ukrainian laws.

If a person goes out to celebrate May Day with a red flag, he will be beaten by neo-Nazis who are controlled by the secret service, and then thrown in jail for a few years. Such are the realities of today.

Just a few days ago, Pyotr Tochko died. He was the founder of the Union of Left Forces of Ukraine, the party I lead, and a world-renowned historian and academician. He was 86 years old when he died under house arrest. Criminal prosecution had been brought against him. The charge for alleged treason was preposterous, stupid, and absurd. Undoubtedly, the criminal prosecution hastened his demise. I can cite a lot of such examples. You know about many of them yourselves.

Despite everything, we do not give up, we keep our heads high. We are confident in our victory, we are confident that, in Ukraine, in the end, no matter what, normal, healthy socialism will triumph. We are confident that we will eventually lead Ukraine out of the dark and terrible corner where it has been led today by the oligarchic regime and its puppets.

So I want to wish you, dear comrades, strength of spirit, and to tell all of you that we are in solidarity with you. We are in solidarity with all normal people, who are fighting for human rights and the rights of labor all over the world.

I am confident that the time will come when those who labor will receive
the product of their labor. This will be just, normal, and humane, the way we want it to be.

I’m sure that the time will come when all those who have caused suffering and harm to mankind, all those bigwigs, imperialists, oligarchs, their mongrels, Nazis and fascists, will be harshly judged by the people in every country.

Happy holiday to you! Happy May Day!