The struggle of health care workers
Oppose the sellout of the New York City nurses strike!

The powerful three-day strike of more than 7,000 nurses in New York City was abruptly shut down by New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) officials.

While the union says the deal is a major victory, in reality, it is a repackaging of the same rotten terms imposed on 10,000 nurses at other NYC hospitals. It will do nothing to significantly alter the dangerous understaffing that nurses face, which was the central aim of the strike.

Nurses must establish a rank-and-file committee to defeat this sellout.

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Essential reading

The DSA’s role in the sellout of the New York City nurses strike

The DSA is a pro-capitalist organization staffed by union functionaries, Democratic Party officials and other careerists whose role is to prevent workers, who are becoming radicalized and moving to the left, from finding a genuinely independent road.

Elliott Murtagh
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