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The World Socialist Web Site is working to develop a network of rank-and-file committees, comprised of nurses and other health care workers in every hospital and health care facility, to coordinate a serious fight for safe staffing, wage increases, mental health services, a massive infusion of funds into the health care system and an end to the subordination of health care to private profit.

Rank-and-file committees are of, by and for the rank-and-file workers. Workers have a different set of interests in preserving their lives than management, the bosses, the politicians, and the trade union apparatus, who send workers to die while defending the profits of the ruling elite.

Use this form to join a committee today. If there is not already a committee in your workplace, industry or region, we will help you start one.

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The WSWS Health Care Workers Newsletter fights to unite all health care workers with the entire working class to maintain safe working conditions, oppose hospital closures and layoffs, and defend the right to high quality health care.

More than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths in New Zealand

New Zealand has gone from having no COVID deaths for most of the pandemic, to now having one of the highest weekly death rates in the world, as a result of the Labour Party government abandoning its elimination policy.

Tom Peters
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