“This was no accident and could happen again. We need answers.”

WSWS readers demand investigation of Pike River mine disaster

The World Socialist Web Site is publishing more statements from New Zealand, the UK, Australia and Canada in support of the Pike River Families Committee, representing 23 of the 29 families of the men who died in the 2010 Pike River coal mine disaster in New Zealand. The families are fighting to overturn the Labour Party-led government’s decision to end an underground forensic investigation of the mine. The government aims to prevent the recovery and examination of evidence that could be used in criminal prosecutions of those responsible for the disaster.

More than a decade after the explosions at Pike River, no one has been brought to justice. Successive governments, union bureaucrats, and state agencies have protected the company’s executives and managers, whose negligence turned the mine into a death trap. The WSWS urges readers around the world to read and share our statement, “Justice for the 29 miners killed at New Zealand’s Pike River!” and send messages of support for this crucial fight.

To read previously published statements of support, click here.

Clare Shaw, New Zealand:
They’re almost there, the Government needs to spend the last few millions and let the recovery team get beyond the blockage to see if they can recover any of the Pike 29 and gather more evidence for prosecution of the mine management. Minister Little not only should protect the living but also should see justice delivered to the memory of the Pike 29 who were killed in what should have been a safe workplace.

Tracey, New Zealand:
This just does not sit right with me. Everyone deserves the right to know what happened in the mine and hold people accountable. This was no accident and could happen again. We need answers. To the families, my love and prayers are with you all. May justice be served!

Sarah, New Zealand:
Do not seal this mine. Let the truth be told, those men deserve the truth and so do their families.

Mishae Atkinson, New Zealand:
They deserve justice and answers!!

Graham Lindsay, New Zealand:
With my condolences, I support this for all concerned.

Jess McCarroll, New Zealand:
Stop this cover up now - justice must be served for those 29 men & their families!!

Olivia Moir, New Zealand:

Courtney McMahon, New Zealand:
We need to know the truth.

Eva Vlaanderen, New Zealand:
Stand with Pike.

Malcolm Campbell, UK:
We are the parents of Malcolm Campbell, one of the 29 miners.

Johannah Pollock, UK:
My friend’s son is 12ft from where they have dug to so far. To stop now and leave any chance of justice buried is just cruel. They know the cost is less than what has been publicised and is a drop in the ocean for the government. What cost loved ones peace of mind?

Kelly, UK:
Give these poor families the answers & justice they need. Keep trying. 10 years of turmoil then to just shut it all down is cruel. Justice for the men of Pike River x

John McGlade, UK:
Please have a proper inquiry into this disaster as it’s the least you can do to get justice for the men lost and their families. Don’t get a reputation like the UK government because if you do you will not be trusted. Do the right thing.

Martin Taylor, UK:
There should be no price on finding the truth. The investigation into the causes of the explosion must continue. The families need closure and justice. If the company has broken the law, those responsible need to be held to account.

All genuine workplace accidents need investigating to learn lessons, to prevent future loss of life or injury.

Carole Cameron, UK:
Politics and money should never get in the way of finding out the truth when so many innocent lives were taken. The families of the 29 are ‘the living’ who all deserve justice for their loved ones.

David Webster, UK:
New Zealand government: Let’s do the right thing for these miners and their families and stop stalling. To use finance as an excuse is deplorable especially considering the money wasted by governments every year on self promotion and furthering their own ends.

Alan Johnson, UK:
Put right this injustice for these miners and their families please.

Pat Fowler, UK:
Please support these miners’ families & demand an inquiry.

Andrew Davis, UK:
Justice for miners.

Rob Conway, UK:
Investigate the Pike River disaster.

Janet Browning, Canada:
This cover up is criminal and I roundly condemn it. The company, the union bureaucrats and the social democratic government of NZ must be stopped. The world working class is watching and supporting the Pike River mine workers’ families and the ICFI's campaign for justice for these workers whose blood was shed unnecessarily for corporate profit! Workers of the world, UNITE! Stop these attacks on workers! Expropriate the mines and all the means of production and put them under the democratic control of the workers!

Margaret Rees, Australia:
The cover up which has proceeded into the Pike River disaster has to be opposed. The families have fought determinedly to obtain justice for their loved ones, whose lives were sacrificed in the interests of private profit. Workers throughout the world should support their fight, which represents a struggle against corporate interests, government, and unions who are all complicit, and the pseudo left who have remained silent on this critical question.

Steven Pollock, Australia:
To the Pike River Families Committee:

I wholeheartedly support and am fighting for, around the world, your demand that the Pike River mine be re-opened and the necessary excavations carried out to recover the bodies of the 29 miners and establish the cause of the mining disaster of 2010. This is an urgent question for miners and workers internationally as, just recently, the New Zealand Labour Party-Greens government, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has said it is set to begin preparations to seal up and abandon the mine site as early as next week. This cover up must be exposed to millions around the world.

Workers everywhere must come to the defense of the Pike River Families Committee, it is a life and death question for the working class worldwide.

Christine Griffin, Australia:
The Families of the Deceased Miners deserve the respect of having their loved ones found. Or at least have closure by finding out as much as they can. They are so close now. They must NOT seal the Pike River Mine until all resources are exhausted. Bring The Boys Home for a decent Burial. No One on this Earth should Suffer as these Families have. God Bless them all.

Anna Nolan, Australia:
This has gone in too long, the Government need to step in again and get justice for the families by not sealing the mine until further investigations have been held.

Anthony Byrne, Australia:
This is not Victorian England!! Obviously numerous safety shortfalls have been identified and those responsible need to be held to account. This cannot be ignored.

Darren Owen, Australia:
Imagine if it was your family.

Troy Pegler, Australia:
Give the families some peace and justice for what shouldn’t have happened.