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Dana workers must prepare common action to halt contract violations

At all Dana plants, the company is violating the terms of the contract and the unions are letting them do it. While the violations differ at each plant, our response at all plants must be the same: we must unite and take action ourselves, or things will only get worse.

Dana Workers Rank-and-File Committee

Inflation hitting Dana auto parts workers “like a train”

Dana workers furious over high prices, poor conditions under UAW/USW sellout contract

Five months have passed since the United Auto Workers (UAW) and United Steelworkers (USW) rammed through a sellout contract for 3,500 Dana auto parts workers across the US, and workers are livid over the fact that the unions are allowing the company to violate the so-called “contract” without consequence.

our reporters

The lessons of the 2021 Volvo strike

This lecture was delivered at the Socialist Equality Party (US) 2021 summer school, held August 1 through August 6, by Marcus Day, a writer for the World Socialist Web Site .

Marcus Day

“Over the years I kept seeing people I knew get killed and I came to ask myself, ‘Who benefits?’”

US military veteran speaks on Afghan debacle

Sean, a US Army veteran in his mid-30s, spoke to the WSWS about the fall of Kabul.

Ed Hightower
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